Lemonade Espresso

Ternyata perpaduan antara kopi dan lemon bisa menciptakan sebuah rasa yang teramat lezat, dan aku pun menggilainya. Bagiku yang memiliki penyakit maag akut, secangkir kopi terasa seperti sebuah permainan. Aku harus tahu kapan waktu yang tepat untuk menikmatinya. Karena salah sedikit, akibatnya bisa seminggu badan terutama perutku akan terasa ngilu dan melilit. Tapi tetap saja, aku membutuhkannya untuk menghilangkan sakit kepala dan kebosananku akhir-akhir ini. Seperti itu permainan kopi bagiku. Harus kudengar baik-baik apa kata perut dan kepalaku.

Sebagai penikmat kopi nanggung, baru kali ini aku mendapati sajian kopi lemon, di kedai kopi temanku. Memang aku perlu lebih banyak belajar tentang kopi. Tidak jelas sejak kapan lemon ditambahkan ke dalam secangkir kopi. Berdasarkan salah satu sumber yang kubaca, ternyata lemon berguna untuk menutup rasa olahan kopi yang tidak sempurna, menutup rasa pahitnya, dan memunculkan rasa manis yang tipis.

Kurasa, tidak selamanya keasaman akan membuat lidah menjadi kelu, dan gigi menjadi linu. Ia justru menutupi kekurangan yang lain, memberi rasa yang berbeda. Dan ternyata, walaupun keduanya sama-sama asam, ia tidak menyakitkan bagi lambungku. Itu yang terpenting.

Next time life gives you lemon, slice it, and put it in a cup of iced espresso.



Ki’s Guides on Becoming the Yuan Empress


This past weeks I spent watching this drama alone. Imagine you can finish 51 episodes in two weeks. Yes, Empress Ki is that worth to watch. I was hooked by the drama since the first episode, it was tremendous. I always love Ha Jiwon, but this one is exceptional. A historical drama with a strong lead woman character whom seek for justice is not to be missed. Although in real history, I learned that Ki was a ruthless Empress. She ruled with iron fist and poorly affected both Yuan and Goryeo due to her corrupt policies. The drama did a little bit justice to reveal her real character by stating that she finally tried to invade Goryeo, her own origin, but failed, and along with disperse rebellions on her land, had led to the fall of the Yuan Dynasty.

Unlike other drama that present us with super kind-hearted heroine, Ki was complicated. She had both good and evil side. She could have empathy for those whom unfortunate but she also would not think twice to take the life of her enemies. Ki had all the qualities of how women should conduct their lives nowadays by using brain without neglecting what is in one’s heart. Perseverance, patience, devotion, and courage. Basically all the traits that you must have to strive and get what you want, but not in a way that you must kill people for that.

Freckles, No Worries

Freckle is a small patch of light brown color on the skin, often becoming more pronounced through exposure to the sun, but can also be hereditary. This natural genetic mutation usually appear on fair redheads. However, some of Indonesian also has freckles, but not many, mostly due to over-exposure of the sun.

Living in a tropical country with maximum exposure of sun is both blessing and nightmare. It’s always warm throughout the year, except for when storms happen. You’ve got to show skin and wear your most comfortable clothes everywhere, which is a t-shirt, as well as looking posh with fancy sunglasses on. However, the downside of it is the existence of UVA and UVB that has long been accused to be the cause of many skin problems, hyper-pigmentation, early aging skin, burn, including freckles.

Wear Your Freckles with Pride

For some people, to have a spot in your face is undesirable, let alone having several of them. Though freckles do not only appear on your face, but since it’s more noticeable, people usually has a bad term with theirs. To achieve such even out clear skin, people will put tons of foundation and concealer to hide the imperfection. People are willing to invest their time and money to take care of their most visible body part. However, you don’t want to really sacrifice you precious time and money to achieve something artificial.

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Glamglow Mask: Is It Worth the Hype?

As I grow older, I always has problem with large pores and clogging sebum. It isn’t much of a problem in daily basis where I rarely use a heavy make up on, but in some occasion when I need to, having a noticeable sebum clogging your large pores at the center of your face is a nightmare. I tried various products to overcome this issue, but mostly I only use face masks or sticky nose pack. However, after such a long time, I don’t find any of these products to be very effective as they also have cons, too. For example, face masks is not designed to specifically target sebum, so it is still there after a few time applying the face masks. While nose pack will not only take out sebum but also facial hairs and it hurts every time you peel it off. There said, clogging sebum is not easy to remove.

One of the many products I heard to effectively remove sebum and take care of the large pores is the Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment. The reviews of the product are everywhere from youtube, to personal blogs, and beauty forums. They highly recommend this product as it has the actual effect as promised with regular use. I believe most of product will be more effective if you use it regularly. There is no thing such as instant result, right? Anyway, this Glamglow mask is the most pricey one I purchased. Since I decided to just try it, I did not have the heart to buy the full size product as it will be IDR 890.000 for one jar in Sephora, of course you can always find a better deal from online shop if you can find any trusted one. So, when I found one Instagram-based online shop that has its travel size product with reasonable price at IDR 250.000, I decided to give it a go. It came in a small tube packaging of 15 grams. I was surprised by how small it was the first time considering the price, but I decided to not judge the product by its cover, or the price. But of course, it is also alright to judge a product by the price.

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How to Handle Difficult People

This afternoon amid my productive activity of scrolling through my facebook page, I came across a link that directed to a podcast from the editor-in-chief of the books Chicken Soup for the Soul as well as the author of Simply Happy, Amy Newmark. The link is below.


She said there are at least 3 points that will ease your mind in dealing with difficult people. First, you have to remind yourself that that person being rude or difficult is his/her own problem, not yours. So it’s not about you specifically. Say, probably, he/she had a rough time when you meet. So it’s not necessarily your problem when he/she without apparent reason becomes rude, or say, pain in the ass. The second one is not to take it personally. It may still correlate with the first point but it’s more based on your point of view than theirs. I think it’s clear. Don’t take it personally. The last one, without sounding a bit bitchy is that you have to be grateful that you is you and they are them. You’re not the one in trouble. You’re not the one who caused problem. You’re not the one who makes other feels upset to be treated wrongly. So just be grateful for that. Be grateful for always trying to be nice and kind-hearted person.

Flora & Fauna by Lee Man Fong

One of my favorite painting from the 17:71 exhibition in National Gallery of Indonesia as it pictures almost perfectly the variety of the floras and faunas in Indonesia, be it in the land and sea. However, this painting is simply titled Flora and Fauna of Indonesian Archipelago. Based on the description, Lee, as the official painter and curator of the Presidential Palace, was assigned to improve the aesthetics of the newly built Hotel Indonesia along with other artists. In the end, he chose to do a mural from which this painting was derived from. The original version of the mural itself is currently being displayed on Cipanas Presidential Palace.

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Rini by Soekarno

Our first president was not only a keen collector of arts but also a decent artist himself. He finished off the Dullah’s neglected sketch and produced this masterpice. The painting is part of the State Palace collection and currently being exhibited in Galery National Indonesia under 17:71 Goresan Juang Kemerdekaan or Painting the Struggles of Independence exhibition until August 30th, 2016 along with other masterpices from notable artists such as Raden Saleh, Affandi, Sudjojono, etc.

#painting #art #masterpiece #indonesia #soekarno #indonesiapusaka #indonesiatercinta (at National Gallery of Indonesia)

Behind the Scene: Some of the Members and Crew


Mbak, Sulis, Mbak Windhar and me. Pic taken by Ardhy, one of Komodo Band Members.


Mbak Windhar and Mbak Sulis, getting lost at the hanging coral in Satonda Island.


Our boat crew enjoying the perfect view of Gili Laba.


The back of our youngest member. I felt like to push him off the cliff.

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The Enchanting Komodo Island: A Short Escape to Jurassic World

After 16 hours of sailing over Flores Sea, I had the worst sea sick. I bet everyone on board also felt the same, of course except for the captain and his crew. Albeit all that, we finally arrived to the Komodo Island.


It was Gili Lawa or Gili Laba. In my own words, I’d rather call it The Entrance Gate of Jurassic World since it looks like one. Upon arriving the Komodo Island waters, I felt like entering a different world with very unique landscape combined with a deep blue sea as can be seen on the picture. It was strange and magical, almost surreal. Now I can agree if people said that Flores is among the most beautiful places in Indonesia, and it is definitely worth to visit.

We planned to hunt for sunrise atop of the hill where I took this picture but we came late and were slow to reach the spot so we missed it. One of my fellow heard a strange sound coming from the sea below and when I faced east I saw water burst. Some said it was a whale but if it turned out wasn’t one, well, lets pretend it was.


I always love how the sea has contrasting shades of blue due to difference of depth.


Your waves ride high, while mine are low. You head to sea, you’re sailing free. (Frau)

If the sun did not shine too bright, we would let ourselves to stay there longer. However, we were scheduled to visit Manta Point in Taka Makassar. Not everyone is allowed to go after the manta in the sea due to heavy current. I hesitated at first but I thought it was once in a lifetime experience. So, I decided to jump without wearing life jacket. It was fun. So many mantas were dancing and circling around us. Since I didn’t own an underwater camera, I came home empty-handed but full of the image of wild mantas in my head. Continue reading “The Enchanting Komodo Island: A Short Escape to Jurassic World”

Islands Hoping in West Nusa Tenggara

So, I was thinking of having another vacation before year end. It was in October 2015, to be precise. After doing some research from internet, I decided to sign up for an open trip  to Komodo Island and Flores arranged by Wuki Traveller. This time, I was not even bother to look for an accompany of friend to join me. I would just go no matter what. There would be a lot of people there anyway.

I departed from Labuan Lombok with 35 other people joining the trip, a captain, and 6 cabin crew. Here was the fun part. Unlike my previous trip to some islands in Java, this time, I sailed for 4 straight days. Yes, we travelled by boat from Labuan Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara to Labuan Bajo in East Nusa Tenggara. During the sailing in West Nusa Tenggara region, we stopped in 3 islands to enjoy both land and sea.


First stop, Kenawa Island. The island mainly consist of savanna. The challenge of this island was to climb the hill behind to enjoy sunset. Too bad, I hesitated to bring both my camera and phone. So I failed to capture the beauty of this island. However, this pic was taken by Mbak Windhar, one of my travel-mate. And as we waiting for the sun to descend, we also got the chance to explore the sea. So, snorkeling time!


Under water view was fine, but not as good as I expected. I used to go snorkel in the in deeper sea part about 3-5 meters, directly jump from the boat. Here, we started from beach so its pretty narrow and the coral was not really preserved. However, I could spot some small blue fish swimming around anemons. After sunset, we went back to boat, had our first dinner served by cabin crew, and rest. Continue reading “Islands Hoping in West Nusa Tenggara”