Small Thing with Great Story: A Loose Leaf Binder Paper

I used to have this kind of notebook which I usually write on during my college days. The classic one that has plastic material and a lot of ring-binder. I always love this kind of notebook. It’s simple and efficient since I don’t have to buy a new one once I run out paper. Simply replace it with new loose leaves and store the already used one and bind it with any other type of paper binder, usually the small one which I’m not really sure what it’s called.

It’s actually kind of funny that I’m talking about a paper binder. I remember back then when I was still an elementary student. I received binder notebook as a gift. A cute one with smiley sun on its cover. I recall that I was very happy and proud that I carried it along during school days and showed it off to my friends. At that time no one seemed to have that kind of cute note book.

It’s getting weird when I was in Junior High School. I still remember that time, around my first or second year, collecting cute printing loose leaves had became a trend. Every girl in junior high I know has this collection of various kind of loose leaves. As a teenager that also wanted to follow the trend and actually join the crowd. I also began to collect several papers. Oh, I know it sounds lame. But at that time, the lamest girl is the popular one, right?  

Anyway, my point is that we can always relate to every small thing we have or use on daily basis. Each one of them have story which reminds us to the past. It can bring back memories whenever we see it somewhere, a paper binder and loose leaf, for example. I think it is good reminiscing the past. It reminds us that we had gone through that phase of being lame. But it always becomes a good story to tell, or just keep it to yourself.

I wrote this as I was staring at my old notebook I have since high school. The one with cute apples and kiwis on its cover that I also used during college year. So, yeah, the papers and notebook have my stories engraved on it.



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