Yay Ellie!

recently, i had this obsession towards a British singer named Ellie Goulding. -I wrote this 5 months ago and i still have this excitement towards this girl-  At that time, i was listening to Ellie’s secon album titled Halcyon. Anything Could Happen, My Blood, and Figure 8 were my all time favorite. sometimes i felt depressed whenever i listened to these songs but i kinda need to fell something.

then, i started to dig out more. searching her music videos on youtube, and turns out, i like her first album better. i think it’s more lively and fun to hear and doesn’t make me feel depressed. a song such as Believe Me, Everytime You Go, Biggest Mistake.. i can write down every song in her album and it will be a long list. it’s a perfection.

In my opinion, she had very nice voice which is soft and kind of sound like kids voice. i don’t know maybe just me thinking that way but i like that kind of refreshing voice. beside, she’s also beautiful. but i’m more concerned towards her voice, of course.
however, despite her soft and child-like voice i found out that most of her song consist of sad and depressing ballad, some of them are considered very dark, especially in her latest album. that is surprising to hear that type of vocal can pulled off the song and delivered the meaning of it very well since she wrote her own piece.


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