Post College Syndrome

I write this out of my frustration towards my future after being graduated from college. Is it just me or almost everyone also feels the same? Well, I know some people whom are not, for already getting job offering, but that’s exceptional, really. Maybe also those who already have specific plan to pursue regarding their life. Don’t ask about me. I’m not really a good long term planner nor have any passion.

About my education, I’m not regretting the choice I made, like at all. IRs was interesting to study, but clearly I can’t really find any job that suitable with the subject I was studying. Well, except to become a diplomat which requires exceptional skills that I don’t really have. But once again, I don’t regret it since I’ve committed from the first time that I would choose education that looked interesting and which I’d love to follow. Therefore, I chose IR.

I enjoyed studying IR as much as listening to music or watching movies, though I’m not really mastered it yet. But I did work real hard. The fact that I could be graduated has proven that. Right? That is why I can’t really say that I chose wrong education like a lot of my colleague did. How can you say that you choose a wrong path when you actually enjoy the process? I won’t risk my whole life by studying subject I don’t have any interest in. That would be hell.

But now, the problem is real. It is really hard to find someone or company that would hire me. Looking for a good college like back then when I was in high school and looking for a job are two different businesses. I don’t need to have any specific qualification nor competency to be accepted in one school or university, except graduated from high school. For a job, that’s different story.

Why is it so hard to find a proper job? That’s easy to answer. Because every company, even government institution always looking for those whom major in economy, accounting, business management, etc. I don’t blame them for it. Besides, I know the risk of pursuing my kind of degree would possibly make it hard for me to be hired. But like I said, I made a right choice. Studying economy would surely kill me. I was relieved that I didn’t force myself to pursue an economic degree although I was suggested to.

Enough with that. Stop whining. The thing is, I was just graduated for like 2 weeks. I shouldn’t act like everything’s over for not finding job immediately. Instead, I should be grateful to be given a chance to study in one of the top university in this country and miraculously been graduated on time. a lot of my friends are still struggling for it. Also, I’m just 22. There’s still a long journey waiting for me out there. I still have a lot of things to learn,  to experience. Lots of homework. Let’s just be positive.


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