The Girl Who Saved The King of Sweden by Jonas Jonasson: A Review

I knew this book from a friend post in instagram. The title succeeded in  triggering my curiosity instantly. A story about girl power or women empowerment always captivating. It’s easier to be emotionally attached to the main character. Here, once again, we got our new heroine.

The story started with the earliest life of Nombeko Mayeki, a little girl born in a slum area of Soweto in South Africa. She was smart, witty, and outspoken. She had the kind of charm that would attract every possible problem ahead of her. However, she could always get away with it no matter what using her intelligence and large amount of luck. The problem itself ranging from various degree starting from her first job in her hometown scooping stool until critical issue involving an atom bomb which later would bring her to Sweden and finally saved the King, which made the title of the story.

Along her journey she met various kind of people, among others are a crazy physician, Mossad agents, the Chinese sisters, and two person shared one identity who one of them became the love of her life.

The story was intriguing yet delightful and funny at the same time.


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