Islands Hoping in West Nusa Tenggara

So, I was thinking of having another vacation before year end. It was in October 2015, to be precise. After doing some research from internet, I decided to sign up for an open trip  to Komodo Island and Flores arranged by Wuki Traveller. This time, I was not even bother to look for an accompany of friend to join me. I would just go no matter what. There would be a lot of people there anyway.

I departed from Labuan Lombok with 35 other people joining the trip, a captain, and 6 cabin crew. Here was the fun part. Unlike my previous trip to some islands in Java, this time, I sailed for 4 straight days. Yes, we travelled by boat from Labuan Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara to Labuan Bajo in East Nusa Tenggara. During the sailing in West Nusa Tenggara region, we stopped in 3 islands to enjoy both land and sea.


First stop, Kenawa Island. The island mainly consist of savanna. The challenge of this island was to climb the hill behind to enjoy sunset. Too bad, I hesitated to bring both my camera and phone. So I failed to capture the beauty of this island. However, this pic was taken by Mbak Windhar, one of my travel-mate. And as we waiting for the sun to descend, we also got the chance to explore the sea. So, snorkeling time!


Under water view was fine, but not as good as I expected. I used to go snorkel in the in deeper sea part about 3-5 meters, directly jump from the boat. Here, we started from beach so its pretty narrow and the coral was not really preserved. However, I could spot some small blue fish swimming around anemons. After sunset, we went back to boat, had our first dinner served by cabin crew, and rest.

The boat set sailed again the next day, about 2 AM to second destination, the infamous Moyo Island where Mata Jitu Waterfalls is located and the only fresh water we could have during our sail. Rumor has it, the waterfall is so famous that some famous people visited the island, including Princess Diana. So, it is also known as Lady Diana Waterfall.


We came during dry season so the stream was pretty low. As if it was not enough to just sit still, some of us decided to climb the side of waterfall to the ponds located in upper stream. Here was what we found:


Some of the guys started to climb up tree and jump into the pond. it was fun until it became to crowded and we decided to go back to the boat.  I heard that its under water view was as beautiful but we skipped it so we could continue our journey according to designated time.

The third stop was Satonda Island and its lake. The salt water of the lake formed as the side effect of Mount Tambora major eruption. The interesting part was that I found some corals hung in the trees at the side of the lake. Maybe they hang them wishing that they will get the chance to come back here.


We spent 2 days exploring 3 islands in West Nusa Tenggara: Kenawa, Moyo, and Satonda. Of course it was not enough and West Nusa Tenggara offers more beauty than I could imagine. I wish to explore other side of this region should I get the chance.

The time we went back to our boat marked the beginning of our 16-hours long sail to Komodo Island, the main destination of our trip. A journey to Jurassic World.


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