How to Handle Difficult People

This afternoon amid my productive activity of scrolling through my facebook page, I came across a link that directed to a podcast from the editor-in-chief of the books Chicken Soup for the Soul as well as the author of Simply Happy, Amy Newmark. The link is below.

She said there are at least 3 points that will ease your mind in dealing with difficult people. First, you have to remind yourself that that person being rude or difficult is his/her own problem, not yours. So it’s not about you specifically. Say, probably, he/she had a rough time when you meet. So it’s not necessarily your problem when he/she without apparent reason becomes rude, or say, pain in the ass. The second one is not to take it personally. It may still correlate with the first point but it’s more based on your point of view than theirs. I think it’s clear. Don’t take it personally. The last one, without sounding a bit bitchy is that you have to be grateful that you is you and they are them. You’re not the one in trouble. You’re not the one who caused problem. You’re not the one who makes other feels upset to be treated wrongly. So just be grateful for that. Be grateful for always trying to be nice and kind-hearted person.


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