Freckles, No Worries

Freckle is a small patch of light brown color on the skin, often becoming more pronounced through exposure to the sun, but can also be hereditary. This natural genetic mutation usually appear on fair redheads. However, some of Indonesian also has freckles, but not many, mostly due to over-exposure of the sun.

Living in a tropical country with maximum exposure of sun is both blessing and nightmare. It’s always warm throughout the year, except for when storms happen. You’ve got to show skin and wear your most comfortable clothes everywhere, which is a t-shirt, as well as looking posh with fancy sunglasses on. However, the downside of it is the existence of UVA and UVB that has long been accused to be the cause of many skin problems, hyper-pigmentation, early aging skin, burn, including freckles.

Wear Your Freckles with Pride

For some people, to have a spot in your face is undesirable, let alone having several of them. Though freckles do not only appear on your face, but since it’s more noticeable, people usually has a bad term with theirs. To achieve such even out clear skin, people will put tons of foundation and concealer to hide the imperfection. People are willing to invest their time and money to take care of their most visible body part. However, you don’t want to really sacrifice you precious time and money to achieve something artificial.

By saying that, I did not imply that wearing make up is bad. Personally, I love makeup since it makes me more presentable and boosts my confident. But, I will not dare to put a heavy makeup everyday for it will further damage my skin. So, in daily basis, I choose to not too focus on my freckles and let it stays there.

Thus, instead of trying to look perfect from expensive and heavy makeup, invest your money on a good skincare. A good skincare will not lie an it will maintain the health of your skin until later age. A good skincare takes care of your skin gently from the damage caused by nature and the excess of human civilization. Cleaning ritual should become a habit at the end of the day. You will get the chance to take care of your body and also it helps to relieve the stress coming from your struggle in keeping up with society’s expectation during the day.

To make sure that your activities does not taking its toll on your skin due to sun exposure, also invest on a good sunscreen so that the sun will not add the number of freckles on your face, specifically. If you have normal activity and not having to go out under the sun all the time, sunscreen with SPF around 20-30 is alright for you. After having researched from several articles on the internet, I found that the higher the SPF does not necessarily give you better protection. Therefore, it is not worth to expose your face with too many chemical at once. What matter is whether you re-apply the sunscreen every two to three hours for better coverage.

On the other hand, people in general are now starting to embrace the natural beauty of individuals. They now acknowledge dark skin as stunning and mysteriously gorgeous. Freckles have become trend, too. Some people even try to fabricate freckles using makeup in order to join the club.

Having dark tanned skin is beautiful, freckles are cute, too. As long as you keep your skin healthy, there’s no shame in going off the beaten path. That is just what people say imperfectly perfect. Be different, be confident. Embrace your uniqueness. Embrace what God has given to you.


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