Ki’s Guides on Becoming the Yuan Empress


This past weeks I spent watching this drama alone. Imagine you can finish 51 episodes in two weeks. Yes, Empress Ki is that worth to watch. I was hooked by the drama since the first episode, it was tremendous. I always love Ha Jiwon, but this one is exceptional. A historical drama with a strong lead woman character whom seek for justice is not to be missed. Although in real history, I learned that Ki was a ruthless Empress. She ruled with iron fist and poorly affected both Yuan and Goryeo due to her corrupt policies. The drama did a little bit justice to reveal her real character by stating that she finally tried to invade Goryeo, her own origin, but failed, and along with disperse rebellions on her land, had led to the fall of the Yuan Dynasty.

Unlike other drama that present us with super kind-hearted heroine, Ki was complicated. She had both good and evil side. She could have empathy for those whom unfortunate but she also would not think twice to take the life of her enemies. Ki had all the qualities of how women should conduct their lives nowadays by using brain without neglecting what is in one’s heart. Perseverance, patience, devotion, and courage. Basically all the traits that you must have to strive and get what you want, but not in a way that you must kill people for that.