Freckles, No Worries

Freckle is a small patch of light brown color on the skin, often becoming more pronounced through exposure to the sun, but can also be hereditary. This natural genetic mutation usually appear on fair redheads. However, some of Indonesian also has freckles, but not many, mostly due to over-exposure of the sun.

Living in a tropical country with maximum exposure of sun is both blessing and nightmare. It’s always warm throughout the year, except for when storms happen. You’ve got to show skin and wear your most comfortable clothes everywhere, which is a t-shirt, as well as looking posh with fancy sunglasses on. However, the downside of it is the existence of UVA and UVB that has long been accused to be the cause of many skin problems, hyper-pigmentation, early aging skin, burn, including freckles.

Wear Your Freckles with Pride

For some people, to have a spot in your face is undesirable, let alone having several of them. Though freckles do not only appear on your face, but since it’s more noticeable, people usually has a bad term with theirs. To achieve such even out clear skin, people will put tons of foundation and concealer to hide the imperfection. People are willing to invest their time and money to take care of their most visible body part. However, you don’t want to really sacrifice you precious time and money to achieve something artificial.

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Glamglow Mask: Is It Worth the Hype?

As I grow older, I always has problem with large pores and clogging sebum. It isn’t much of a problem in daily basis where I rarely use a heavy make up on, but in some occasion when I need to, having a noticeable sebum clogging your large pores at the center of your face is a nightmare. I tried various products to overcome this issue, but mostly I only use face masks or sticky nose pack. However, after such a long time, I don’t find any of these products to be very effective as they also have cons, too. For example, face masks is not designed to specifically target sebum, so it is still there after a few time applying the face masks. While nose pack will not only take out sebum but also facial hairs and it hurts every time you peel it off. There said, clogging sebum is not easy to remove.

One of the many products I heard to effectively remove sebum and take care of the large pores is the Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment. The reviews of the product are everywhere from youtube, to personal blogs, and beauty forums. They highly recommend this product as it has the actual effect as promised with regular use. I believe most of product will be more effective if you use it regularly. There is no thing such as instant result, right? Anyway, this Glamglow mask is the most pricey one I purchased. Since I decided to just try it, I did not have the heart to buy the full size product as it will be IDR 890.000 for one jar in Sephora, of course you can always find a better deal from online shop if you can find any trusted one. So, when I found one Instagram-based online shop that has its travel size product with reasonable price at IDR 250.000, I decided to give it a go. It came in a small tube packaging of 15 grams. I was surprised by how small it was the first time considering the price, but I decided to not judge the product by its cover, or the price. But of course, it is also alright to judge a product by the price.

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