The Girl Who Saved The King of Sweden by Jonas Jonasson: A Review

I knew this book from a friend post in instagram. The title succeeded in  triggering my curiosity instantly. A story about girl power or women empowerment always captivating. It’s easier to be emotionally attached to the main character. Here, once again, we got our new heroine.

The story started with the earliest life of Nombeko Mayeki, a little girl born in a slum area of Soweto in South Africa. She was smart, witty, and outspoken. She had the kind of charm that would attract every possible problem ahead of her. However, she could always get away with it no matter what using her intelligence and large amount of luck. The problem itself ranging from various degree starting from her first job in her hometown scooping stool until critical issue involving an atom bomb which later would bring her to Sweden and finally saved the King, which made the title of the story.

Along her journey she met various kind of people, among others are a crazy physician, Mossad agents, the Chinese sisters, and two person shared one identity who one of them became the love of her life.

The story was intriguing yet delightful and funny at the same time.


BIGBANG is Coming to Town

Last night was superb though I couldn’t make it to the front row. The fact that I was there watching those boy’s performance was surely something that I would never forget about. At first I was surprise that the venue was small compared to other countries which I saw in youtube channel. But all the unlimited energy poured and the enthusiasm among the fans made the show.

I went alone but then I found couple of friends from the crowd to enjoy the concert with. I was able to scream and sing along to korean song without being afraid to be called freak. That was something that I’ve been dreaming for so long. I really cherised the moment. Kang Daesung was perfect. GD slayed everyone in the room. Taeyang was surprisingly very thin and super gorgeous. Seungri was a true entertainer. And TOP’s awesomeness was all over the floor. Their performance was majestic. One really wouldn’t doubt that. If they’re about to make another show. I surely will go without hesitation.

You Can Be Single And Broke, But Happier Than Ever Before — Trust Me

The truth is that none of us know for sure where we’ll end up, but we do have control over where we stay.

You Can Be Single And Broke, But Happier Than Ever Before — Trust Me

Life can be easy in one sunny day, but also can be a pain in the ass.Life is a walk in the park at the moment, but who knows, you might walking on the amusement park and you see a roller coaster, then you decided to jump on it. Life is a series of choice you are trying to make in order to just continue living.





No. I don’t.

An hour ‘til work time ends.  Everything is a mess especially my thought. How could i possibly think about different topics all at once. I can’t be more grateful to what I have in the meantime. But somehow, my ability to making right decision is so much degrading. I could throw some cash to just fix one of those. But, it doesn’t seem to help in a long run.

At this point of my worst, I just want to go home. Live a decent life. Maybe grow some plants or raise a cattle or two and being together ever after with my parents. Sipping tea every evening, enjoying home-made cookies my Mom bought from her colleague.

However, I also acknowledge that It isn’t the kind of life I aim for. I can’t live with simplicity, I can’t stand decent. Future is so blurry as it should. That’s the thing i hate the most, uncertainty. But what kind of life it is without the element of surprise, the ups and downs that you can predict. I’ve hit my rock bottom several times. And then suddenly the light came up. A light will always come up. I believe. I have to.

I haven’t got the chance to really reflect to every major step I took until I end up here. All I can say is that i can’t never ask for a better. So, instead of mourning over mistake I made lately, I should think positively. Live with it but don’t get affected. Just don’t be trapped into one simple mistake.

Well, I’m not always bright and cheerful..

I’ve got to admit that I have seriously fatal habit. I’ve rarely learn from my mistake, in other words, I keep doing things even though I know that it isn’t right. I got easily hooked into something that actually I don’t really need. Then, I would end up feel disappointed and depress myself over the simplest problem ever exist in the history of human kind.

My dad once said that we share a lot in common, bad temper, over-thinking and self-loathing habit. There’s a lot more of it than I could ever think of. We’re totally same person though I’m more lady-like. Hey, I got it all from the gene, so people can’t blame me if I someday somehow show all that traits I’ve mentioned earlier. Though I don’t blame my dad for it either.